Senior management

  • I want to be a better leader, now that my company is larger and more complex
  • I want the courage to empower my C-team more, they must grow as leaders
  • I want to know where I’m going in my career as a CEO

Devaro works with CEOs and their senior management teams on improving their leadership skills to achieve results for the company. Through leadership coaching, we help leaders succeed at business, and bring out success of those around them.

Principal investors

  • I want the CEOs in my portfolio companies to speak my language, and start transforming their companies
  • I want to hire the right CEO for my company
  • I want my boards to be more effective, so that our portfolio companies can grow

Devaro understands private equity, both growth capital and later stage investments. We are strategists who understand people. We know that leaders are the key to the success of most investment theses. Through our executive assessment and executive coaching, we help principal investors assess leaders, and develop them to achieve success.


  • I want to grow my company and see it achieve my vision
  • I want to exit my business in the next two years, and get a large return on investment
  • I want to hire the right people to manage my business, so that I can reach higher goals

We love working with entrepreneurs for your energy and brilliant ideas. Through business coaching, expertise helps you make the behaviour shifts to run a bigger business, motivate your team, and help you work steadily to your goals, whether it is an exit to a financial investor, IPO, or transformational growth.


  • I thought I was a good auditor, but making partner seems out of reach
  • I was enjoying managing one or two direct reports, but being a Manager seems much tougher
  • I worked hard and made partner. Now I want to sell and fill my practice

Devaro’s team of former professionals have a personal understanding of the challenges of working in a professional services firm. Whether you are an auditor, lawyer, investment banker, or management consultant, your challenges at work carry a heavy burden. Through leadership coaching, we work with you to move into leadership positions in your firm with a clear action plan.